Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Nowadays the internet is very convince. We can do many things by it. For example, we can buy something, search data, even if learning English. We can use the “Dictionary.com”,” Internet Movie Database”, “Wikipedia” or “Google Earth”. “Dictionary.com” is a online web site. It can help us to translate word, and account it. ” Internet Movie Database” has information more than 400000 movies. On here, we can see movie, and know many about the movies. “Wikipedia” has many information. It is a online encyclopedia. We can search many data from it. The most important is that it’s free, you don’t need spend any money to get what you need. “Google Earth” is a online map. We can search same data to get driving directions.
By using “Dictionary.com” I can know some words I didn’t know before and it afford account. It can help you know more about the word easily. ” Internet Movie Database” has many information of movies, and even you can look at the credits of a movie to see who directed it. It also afford the information about the favorite movie stars. “Wikipedia” afford many free information. On here you can get almost any thing you want to know. “Google Earth”, do you want make a trip? Or go to anywhere? By using “Google Earth” you can search the maps which you need.Nowadays you can learning English from many ways, it may be funny or easily. I think through this way from the four web site. I can learn more information than study on the English book.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Futere of Internet

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The Future of Internet
The contrived of internet bring us much convenient. People can do almost everything in internet.
Even so, many people thought the internet should do more things. The future of internet will be become almighty. Not go outside, people could know everything by internet.
But there is much incident things to the convenient of internet. People will visit each other “screen to screen” instead of “face to face.” People will not go outside to get exercise. They like buy things in internet. There will be sparser and sparser people on street.
It is measurable that internet bring us convenient. But we should consider the problem under the cozy life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Monday, February 13, 2006


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2.English Lab Online :
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3.網路英文學習日誌建檔(Reflection weblog in English Learning)
http://www.elllo.org/index.htm (歌唱)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Environmental Pollution

In modern times, industrialization is inevitably accompanied by environmental pollution. While enjoying high economic growth, almost every country has to pay for it as well with the ruin of its natural environment.

Nowadays, pollution has become a major concern in many advanced countries. With foresight about this problem, these countries have all done an excellent job in pollution control. But in Taiwan, the island striving to become a developed country, the pollution problem is getting worse because of people's indifference toward it and the lack of effective solutions from the government. Strictly speaking, most Taiwan people's concern about environmental pollution seems inadequate. Factories vomit heavy smoke to make air choking, waste water and garbage poured from plants and pig-breeders along rivers turn them into dead water; the litter left by visitors mars every scenic spot. Out of ignorance people don't see the damage their behavior does to nature, as well as to their living environment. Though sometimes not immediately visible, the influence of such damage is so profound that it might even threaten people's lives. However, most people in Taiwan still pay little attention to this imminent pollution crisis. On the other hand, the government does not work hard enough on the pollution problem. It was not until pollution was worsening that the government even became aware of it, not to mention taking proper precautions. Even now, it has not worked out effective measures to control pollution. The government does not carry out plans decisively, and does not execute laws thoroughly. All this delay only leads to a worse condition. For example, even though according to reports in the newspapers exhaust from cars and buses accounts for 95% of the air pollution in Taipei, the government has still not made use of lead-free gasoline mandatory. It allows city run buses, some of the worst offenders. To continue to operate despite their using substandard pollution control devices. Only in the last year has the government begun construction on a limited subway system. In the meantime, pollution continues to worsen. It fact, we cannot afford any more delay now.

The later the job is begun, the more the Taiwan people will suffer. Therefore, to prevent the natural environment from being ruined beyond salvage, the people and the government urgently need to cooperate.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chicken Little

I. Introduce
My favorite film is called “Chicken little”. I saw its trailer in the other movie.

II. Content of the film
The movie was said that is a chicken whose name is “Chicken Little”, He feared of the sky will fall down one day. Nobody even his father believe him. When everyone forgot this thing. Chicken found the sky was really falling down. Now the thing he only could do is save the world with his friends.

III. Conclusion

When I saw its trailer. I was make up my mind to watch this great comic cartoon. I really expect the movie was produced.